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Biomass materials

A major advantage of using biomass in power plants is that its availability can be as high as 92% (>8,000 hours per annum) more than twice that of wind and solar power.

Early biomass power plants were developed to combust wood based materials; chips, pellets etc and have been inexistence for many years. However, at Greengold Energy Ltd we specialise in the treatment of more onerous energy biomass materials having variable moisture content, high ash ratios and complex chemical compositions.

We work with OEM's and developers to ensure systems and equipment are 'fit for purpose' and capable of fulfilling end user requirements.

These are just some of the biomass materials Greengold Energy Ltd has used to produce energy:

1. Nypa fruiticans sap.
2. Empty Fruits Bunches from palm oil processing.
3. Sugar cane bagasse.
4. Straws.
5. Food production residues (rice husk, kernel shells, tropical shrubs grinds, groundnuts meal).
6. Cotton bud.
7. Poultry feathers.
8. Oil Seed Cake.
9. Flax.
10. Bran.
11. Woodchips and other forest/bark residues.

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