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Non Renewable Energy

Fossil Fuels Supply, Coal Mining, CtG, CO2 H2S Removal, Flaring Gas Capture and Exploration & Production:

To date, the world is depending on depleting fossil fuels. No doubt we are still relying on this energy but we are blending them with bio-fuels in order to minimise our environment degradation. Therefore, we cater our clientele either blended or unblended bio-fuels such as ethanol or butanol from nypa fruiticans-based to blend with crude oil, gas oil, fuel oil, LNG, LPG, jet fuel A1, naphtha, kerosene, sulphur, etc. from direct sources of major refineries in Middle Eastern countries, Russian and Venezuela.

Our services ranging from spot contracts and long-term contracts to shipping and logistic supports. Our coal mining operations in Kalimantan and Sumatra of Indonesia are supplying various power providers and industries worldwide. Our technologists and engineers are currently experimenting and testing a 5MWe to 65MWe coal to synthesis gas based power plant which main aim to produce zero emissions. Also under testing are the CO2 & H2S Removal Plant using polysulfone hollow fibre membrane system and new hybrid solvents and Flaring Gas Capture systems for both production fields and refineries. Our technologies are proven to boost Enhanced Oil Recovery applications regionally.

Our Exploration & Production businesses been conducting by our associate companies: PT Eksindo in Indonesia.

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Kusuma Yuda Negara, Vice President – Indonesia
Ahmad Alyaniff, Vice President – Business Development

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