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Biomass Power Plant Design Support

Through its many years of biomass power plant operation and maintenance experience, combined with the detailed design expertise embodied in our technical team, Greengold Enery Ltd are able to advise and support throughtout the plant development process.

Such support is extremely valuable to our clients particularly when acting in an Onwer's Engineer capacity.

Our designs can take an operational concept and develop it through to the provision of detailed manufacturing drawings and preparation of procurement specifications to support the tendering process.

Greengold Energy Ltd's technical team has designed waste heat recovery systems, district heating networks and fluidised bed biomass combustion systems. We have reconfigured and redesigned large coal fired boilers for biomass co-combustion and designed the fuel handling and delivery systems to accurately control mix ratios.

We provide HAZOP and Risk Analyses for all our systems.

Owner's Engineer Service Provision

The broad range of our services are combined perfectly to deliver Owner's (client) Engineer services in the management of new and existing power generation facilities.

We can act as the prime service provider or as a third contractor in support of others.

As Owner's Engineer we represent the client as the Technical Adviser during the development phase of a project and during the implementation pahse are able to provide a comprehensive range of services such as:

1. Equipment compliance to specification reviews
2. Work progress assessments
3. Installation quality monitoring
4. Project critical path/milestone reviews
5. Documentation reviews
6. Test programme development

Each member of our team has operated and maintained biomass power plant and so we have awareness of the owner's needs post handover.

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