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Concept of RABR

1. Single - phase : Hydrolyisis and methanation taking place at the same time
2. Disperse sludge rather than granular sludge : Higher contact/reaction with particulate matter 3. Temperature : Thermophilic mesophilic
4. Compartmentalised structure : To minimise the effect of gas evolution and H2 partial pressure

Estimated Plant Cost (POME based)

Civil work                      : RM3.5 million/module*

Mechanical & Electrical  : RM1.4 million/module

Power turbine generating : RM5.0 million/module ( at 1MWe capacity )                     

Total : RM9.9 million/module (+-USD3.09 million)

For 45 ton FFB/hr mill, 2 modules are needed, a module shall yield CH4 of 5,000 m3/day or 3,570kg/day - 130,000 m3/month or 92.82 ton/month - giving out 625kWe of power.

* Note: Including scum treatment facility


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