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Renewable Energy

Converting waste or by-products into wealth is the driving force behind our renewable energy and project development services. Greengold Energy Ltd specialises in bio-gas, wind and ocean energy consulting, design and installation of customised renewable energy power systems for community / commercial scale and climate change activities including development of project for Clean Development Mechanism under Kyoto Protocol.

The business is operated by a team of experienced renewable energy experts and technology based professionals. Our products are sourced from quality technology providers and at the most competitive prices.

We have built a well qualified team focused on delivering value to our customers. Our experience and capability will take your project as far as you choose on the path from feasibility to finalising agreements, right through to full installation and commissioning of the system.

Alternate Continuous Feed Anaerobic Reactor (ACFAR)

It is a process which involves a high rate methane recovery for Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME). When treating POME, the washout of active biomass is amongst the severe problem faced by the conventional process.

To minimize this problem, the new process called ACFAR has been developed. The ACFAR process is improved and modified methane recovery process specifically designed to cater for high strength complexes waste water such as POME.

It feastures alternate/multidirectional feeding mode utilising high temperature to accelerate the process. The ACFAR process was developed by optimising the flow direction and minimising active sludge migration rate which if not properly control will lead to biomass escaping from the digester.

In conventional process, present of high suspended solid and fats often caused severe operational problem (scum formation) especially when operating at higher organic loading rate.

The advantages of this process over conventional anaerobic digestion is firstly the use of the thermophilic microrganisms and secondly the use of an alternate feeding mode.

Thermophilic process has been reported capable of accelerating the solid and fats degradation rate. This results in substantially more of the biodegradable material being made available for conversion into useful bio-gas.


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