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Greengold Energy Ltd is able to offer a range of services to suit our varied client base. Regardless of the project position, be it conceptual, developmental, under construction or operational we offer holistic advice.

Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies


A pre-feasibility study carried out by Greengold Energy Ltd enables the client to outline a basic premise and list of needs for study with our engineers using their experience and knowledge to outline a range of modelled options for considerations.

Such a study can encompass technical, environmental, legislative, commercial, health and safety, logistical and policy issues relating to the scope as applicable.


A feasibility study will assess the viability of a range of alternative solutions either porposed by the client or produced outcomes from a pre-feasibility study.

A feasibility analysis carried out by Greengold Energy Ltd will answer the following questions:

1. What are the end deliverables and what purpose will they serve?
2. What are the environmental effects?
3. What are the relevant rules and regulations applicable?
4. Which technology is most applicable?
5. What are the build issues?
6. What are the operating and maintenance issues?
7. What are the project costs and payback etc?
8. What are the scheduling issues surrounding the implementation?

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