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Greengold Energy Ltd.

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Our Solutions

Greengold Energy Ltd can propose a range of solutions that meet the requirements of those clients wishing to use biomass as a means of meeting their energy needs.

Our range of technology solutions includes:

1. Mini-fluidised bed combustion (100kWe - 400kWe)
2. Gasification (300kWe - 50MWe)
3. Rotary Kiln and HRSG (5MWe - 15MWe)
4. Waste Treatment from Biogas Digestion and Generation (5MWe - 50MWe)
5. Combined Heating/Air Conditioning and Power & Tri-Generation (5MWe - 100MWe)

We can also assist in the development of larger plants utilising water walled boilers having grates or fluidised beds to facilitate fuel combustion.

RABR Process for Treatment of Palm Oil Mill Effluent

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